Lakeland Estates, LLC

Lakeland Estates is a great place for bird watchers! With your feeding platform and binoculars, you might see:

Great Blue HeronRed-Breasted Sapsucker
Western Canada GooseRed-Headed Woodpecker
Mallard DuckDowney Woodpecker
Wood DuckHarry Woodpecker
Bufflehead DuckFlicker
Red-Breasted MerganserBald Eagle
Double-Crested CormorantGolden Eagle
Oregon JuncoHouse Finch
Boat-Tailed GrackleGold Finch
Evening GrosbeckChickadee
Western MeadowlarkBarn Swallow
Rufous Sided TowheeVaried Thrush
Cedar WaxwingKilldeer
Red-Winged BlackbirdRobin
Band-Tailed PigeonBlue Jay
Golden-Crowned KingletStarling
Bullock's OrioleSeagull
Western TangerChinese Pheasant
CrowsQuail unidentified species of Loons, Hawks, Doves, Owls, Hummingbirds, Sparrows, and Wrens